Coke Zero LiveCycle

LiveCycle was a collaboration between Coke Zero and Disney to promote the upcoming Tron Legacy Movie. 


Create awareness for the Coke Zero's LiveCycle mobile game, while at the same time promoting Coke Zero and the Tron Legacy Movie.

LiveCycle was an alternate reality game played in real world locations through your iPhone. The app let you create your own light walls as you moved down the street, with the goal of forcing other ARG gamers to crash into your light walls, while you avoid theirs. It was one of the first GPS enabled ARG mobile games.

Once the game was finished, we needed a way to let people know about it and encourage downloads. So we created a website with a short teaser for the mobile game, exclusive Tron Legacy content and Coke Zero unlockables. 

In keeping with the movie and mobile app, the site was designed along a LightCycle. Each page moved from right to left along a light cycle with a brief animation in between.