Dominoes Pizza Stand

Think online version of a lemonade stand but with a charitable spin. Anyone could create a Pizza Stand and start selling Dominos online. Once created, a small percentage of the proceeds from each pizza sold was donated to the cause or charity of your choice. Everyone wins.


Dominos needed a site that allowed users to easily build and personalize a Pizza Stand. The interface needed to take a set of complex steps and present them as a fun, easy to use flow. The resulting Pizza Stand then needed to be visually compelling enough to stand out on social platforms and entice those who saw it to buy a pizza.

Make it Fun

Instead of using drop down menus and lists, we made the interface highly visual. Everything was editable on screen.





Creating a simple three step progress bar at the bottom of the site let users see where they were in the process while also making it look simple and easy.





Offer Variety

Not only could users build a stand with a plethora of accessories but they could also pick a theme that changed the entire setting, making it uniquely their own.