The Mobile Game Changer

Zwift mobile app works in tandem with Zwift - a massive, multi player, indoor cycling, game. It's a game controller when you're on the bike and a way to stay connected when you're not. 


Create an app that enhances the Zwift gaming experience on and off the bike. Indoor cycling is a sweaty affair. Exertion doesn't lead to deft dexterity. Because of this, the interface needed to be fat finger friendly and easy to navigate. 

Ease of Use

The four main screens that act as the game controller were designed with large tap states to compensate for a riders inaccuracy when fatigued.

These main screens were also designed to be easily navigable by swiping back and forth.

Smart Navigation

Other sections of the app could be accessed through the menu screen which was also designed with large oversized buttons for ease of use.

Form Follows Function

Screens that showcased a lot of content and were more likely to be accessed off the bike, were designed with smaller more standard sizing.

However, since some screens were cross over screens, any action that had a higher potential of being used during a ride was made larger and more tappable.